Combination Fill Alarm and Tank Gauge

  • Nitrophyl® Float is impervious to petroleum products.
  • Tangle-free “solid link” hinge withstands rough handling.
  • Durable cast iron with raised pipe wrench grips and blue powder coat finish.
  • Large, easy-to-read, plastic vial includes UV inhibitors, and is the most break-resistant on the market.
  • Vial is double sealed with o-rings.
Part No.Tank ApplicationBottom MPT1Top FPT1
14522Vertical (42-44″)1½”1¼”
14523Vertical (42-44″)2″1¼”
14524Vertical (42-44″)1½”1½”
14525Vertical (42-44″)2″1½”
14526Vertical (42-44″)2″2″
14529Horizontal (26-27″)1½” 1¼”
14530Horizontal (26-27″)2″1¼”
14531Horizontal (26-27″)1½”1½”
14532Horizontal (26-27″)2″1½”
14533Horizontal (26-27″)2″2″

1 MPT = Male Pipe Thread, FPT = Female Pipe Thread

Special Combo Gauge Lengths – Up to 72″ Tank diameter
Part No.Tank ApplicationBottom MPT1Top FPT1
14521C-XCustom 1½” 1¼”
14521A-XCustom 2″ 1¼”
14521D-XCustom 1½” 1½”
14521B-XCustom 2″ 1½”
14520-XCustom 2″ 2″

1 MPT = Male Pipe Thread, FPT = Female Pipe Thread

NOTE: “X” is the desired length of gauge. EXAMPLE: 14521A-48 is a 2″ X 1¼” combo of length 48″.

Replacement Parts
DescriptionPart No.
Standard King® Gauge Vial with Gaskets14495
Vial with Gasket for Scully2 Gauges16495
Scul-Tel2 Vial for King® Gauges with Gasket16595SC
Scul-Tel2 Conversion Kit for King® Gauges16600SC

2 All King® combination alarms/gauges are available in configurations compatible with Scully Signal Corp’s Scul-Tel® and Intelli-Tank products. To order, append RWB part number with “SC.” Intelli-Tank and Scul-Tel® are trademarks of Scully Signal Corporation.

King Product Sheet

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