Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste

A daub on your measuring stick will turn color from green to vivid purple in contact with water. Hundreds of tests from a single jar.

Part No.Size
140002½ oz. Jar

Fill Cap Keys

14365 KEY

Two-Way Key fits Fill Caps: 4181, 4182, 4183, 4184, 4185, 4307, 4308, 4309, 4316, 4317. Six-Way Key fits 90% of all caps.

Part No.Description
14349Six-Way Key
14365Two-Way Key

Hand Pump


The Handpump is a combination pressure and vacuum handpump for air or liquids. Used to clean lines, free stuck valves, prime pumps, build up test pressure or vacuum in lines and tanks. The two-way pump assembly has a solid brass barrel and is fitted with two check valves to attach directly onto lines, use with extension tubing, or pipe permanently into a system. It is also furnished (12551) without the valves.

The handpump hose kit contains flexible reinforced hoses plus all the fittings necessary to add chemicals to boilers, clean lines, free stuck valves, prime pumps and to build up test pressure or vacuum in lines and tanks. Fittings are designed to be hand-tightened and easy to use.

Part No.DescriptionFiromatic Ref #
12552Handpump Assembly91304000
12551Handpump Only91304001
12553Handle for Handpump91304002
12554Handpump “O” Ring91304003
12561Hose Kit Less Adapters91304016
12562Hose Kit – Complete91304017

Time Saving Fills – Installation Tools & Parts

111000M Entry Device for Locking Cap
11603 Adapter Installation Tool

11600 TSF Installation Wrench cropped
Part No.Description
111000MEntry Device for Time Saving Fills & SpeedFill® Locking Cap
11600Installation Wrench (Non Ratchet) for Time Saving Fills® connectors
11601Socket Attachment – For Time Saving Fills® Connectors Only
11602Socket Attachment – Time Saving Fills® & SpeedFill® Connectors
11603Installation / Removal Tool for Speed Kleen Underground Fills
11604Cap Lock Wrench for Above & Underground Fittings
11703Flat Gasket for 11706/11706L Caps

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