Timeline & History

Dates blur. “When did we do that?” “Could it really have been that long ago?” So here’s some data. Dry reading, for sure, but hopefully a useful reference — anchoring some of the larger events and turning points in the dynamic history of Beckett.

Commemorative Books

Explore our history of commitment to our customers and our industry with the following commemorations.

Beckett First 50 Years PDF

Beckett: The First 50 Years – Showcasing the early beginnings in 1937 and the development of Beckett through its first half century, this historical record is a delightful and significant window into a not-too-typical American business.


Beckett 75 Years PDFBeckett at 75 Years – A supplement to ‘Beckett: The First 50 Years,’ this volume chronicles the quarter century since 1987. viewing the company’s history provides a unique glimpse into Beckett’s cultural distinctiveness.