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Fuel Oil Filter Replacement Cartridges

12563-12564 Firomatic Filter Cartridges 1

Manufactured exclusively for our Firomatic Filters. Engineered and manufactured for a tight seal within our C40 and C50 filter cans to insure positive filtration through the cartridge, not around it. Ribbed design offers more surface area for reliable filtration and performance.

Part No. Description Firomatic Ref #
12563 RC-20 Replacement Cartridge for C-40
Complete W/2 Gaskets
12564 RC-30 Replacement Cartridge for C-50
Complete W/2 Gaskets

Gauge Replacement Parts

Description Part No.
Standard King® Gauge Vial with Gaskets 14495
Vial with Gasket for Scully1 Gauges 16495
Scul-Tel1 Vial for King® Gauges with Gasket 16595SC
Scul-Tel1 Conversion Kit for King® Gauges 16600SC

1 All King® combination alarms/gauges are available in configurations compatible with Scully Signal Corp’s Scul-Tel® and Intelli-Tank products. To order, append RWB part number with “SC.” Intelli-Tank and Scul-Tel® are trademarks of Scully Signal Corporation.

Fire Safety Valve Replacement Parts


Part No. Description
12510U Hand Wheel 165°F (silver)
12510BU Hand Wheel 165°F (silver) – 25 / Pkg
12511U Hand Wheel 200°F (gold)
12511BU Hand Wheel 200°F (gold) – 25 / Pkg
12512U Hand Wheel 165°F (silver) for 1″ Valve
12513U Hand Wheel 200° (gold) for 1″ valve
12541 Fuse Link – 165°F
12543 Fuse Link – 212°F
12547 Wire Coil – Lever Valve
12548 Pulley Assembly – Lever Valve
12549 Take-up Spring – Lever Valve

Flush Fill Cap Covers

14202 Cover

Replacement Bronze covers to fit  R.H. thread fill boxes in 2″ – 4″sizes for Standard & N.Y.C. approved caps.

Covers for Flush Fill Caps
Part No. Size
14202 2″ R.H. Thread
14204 3″ R.H Thread
14205 4″ R.H. Thread
Covers for N.Y.C. Caps
Old Part No. Size
14324 2″ Use 14202
14325 3″ Use 14204
14326 4″ Use 14205

Flush Fill Cap Gaskets

14214 Gasket for Fill Cap

Gaskets in 1½” – 4″ size for standard fill caps. Gaskets in 2″ – 4″ size for N.Y.C. approved.

Gaskets for Flush Fill Caps
Part No. Size/Description
14213 1½”
14214 2″
14216 3″
14217 4″
15302 Rubber Gasket (Euro Style)
Gaskets for N.Y.C. Fill Caps
Part No. Size
14333 2″
14334 3″
14335 4″

Fill Cap Keys

Two-Way Key fits Fill Caps: 4181, 4182, 4183, 4184, 4185, 4307, 4308, 4309, 4316, 4317. Six-Way Key fits 90% of all caps.

Part No. Description
14349 Six-Way Key
14365 Two-Way Key

Duplex Tank Bushings Parts



Brass fittings are available for all four of our Duplex Tank Bushing designs. Slip-Thru Compression Fittings 14482-14485 are available for 14468-14480 Duplex Bushings. Slip-Thru compression unions 14454-14462 are available for our 14446-14448 Duplex Bushings and the 14440 Compression Nut is used with our 14434 Duplex Bushing.

3-Way Tap
(Compression Nut for 14434 Duplex Bushing)
Part No. Tube Size
14440 ⅜” Compression Nut
Slip-Thru Compression Fittings for Duplex Bushings
(for 14468-14480)
Part No. Tube Size MPT
14482 ⅜” ⅜”
14483 ⅜” ½”
14484 ½” ½”
14485 ⅝” ½”
Slip-Thru Compression Union
(for 14446, 14447, 14448)
Part No. Tube Size Description
14454 ⅜” Nut
14455 ½” Nut
14461 ⅜” Sleeve
14462 ½” Sleeve

Connectors, Plugs, O-Rings

Part No. Description
1199X125 1¼” Brass Nozzle Connector for SpeedFill® Fills
1199X150 1½” Brass Nozzle Connector for SpeedFill® Fills
1199X150M 2″ – 16TPI Brass Nozzle Connector for SpeedFill® Fills
11700X O-Rings for 1199X Nozzle Connectors 3/Pk
11750X Viton© O-Rings for 1199X Nozzle Connectors 3/Pk
111000M Entry Device for X Locking Cap
11809 Rubber Gasket for Vent Head 4/Pk

Time Saving Fills – Nozzle Tube Parts

Part No. Description
11700 O-Rings for TSF Nozzle Tubes 12/Pk
11700 6″ nozzle Tube Less Sleeve
11901 6″ Nozzle Tube Sleeve Only
11902 Metal Ring for 6″ Nozzle Tube
11903 7¼” Nozzle Tube Less Sleeve
11904 7¼” Nozzle Tube Sleeve Only
11905 Metal Ring for 7¼” Nozzle Tube
11906 Set Screw for Nozzle Tube Rings

Hand Pump & Parts


Part No. Description Firomatic Ref #
12551 Handpump Only 91304000
12552 Handpump Assembly 91304001
12561 Hose Kit Less Adapters 91304016
12562 Hose Kit – Complete 91304017

Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste

A daub on your measuring stick will change from green to vivid purple in contact with water. Hundreds of tests from a single jar.

Part No. Size
14000 2½ oz. Jar

Fresh Air Plates and Clamps


Fresh Air Plate Kits
Part No. Size Material
16008U 7″ plate with clamp for 3″ pipe Aluminum plate, steel clamp
16009U 7″ plate with clamp for 4″ pipe Aluminum plate, steel clamp


Tank Legs

612 610

Part No. Description
1¼” Leg Flange
1¼” X 10″ Threaded Both Ends
1¼” X 12″ Threaded Both Ends

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