Time Saving Fills

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates time lost in removing caps
  • Nozzle tube is self centering
  • Makes tight connection by a twist of the wrist
  • Reduces spills, drips and gush backs
  • Locking cap available
  • Adaptable to all standard brand nozzles
  • Cap is permanently chained to fill pipe
  • Cap can’t be lost or dropped in dirt or snow
  • Freeze-resistant and weather tight

Vertical Fittings

112200F 2inch TSF Adapter 112150M 1.5inch TSF Adapter

DescriptionPart No.
 1¼” Straight FittingN/A112125F
1½” Straight Fitting112150M112150F
2″ Straight Fitting112200M112200F
1¼” Straight Fitting With Cap & ChainN/A112125FWCC
1½” Straight Fitting With Cap & Chain112150MWCC112150FWCC
2″ Straight Fitting With Cap & Chain112200MWCC112200FWCC

45° Angle Fittings

112200M45 2inch 45 TSF Adapter

DescriptionPart No.
1¼” 45° FittingN/A112125F45
1½” 45° Fitting112150M45112150F45
2″ 45° Fitting112200M45112200F45
1¼” 45° Fitting With Cap & ChainN/A112125F45WCC
1½” 45° Fitting With Cap & Chain112150M45WCC112150F45WCC
2″ 45° Fitting With Cap & Chain112200M45WCC112200F45WCC


 11706L TSF Locking Cap Front 11706L TSF Locking Cap Back

Part No.Description
11706Standard TSF Cap
11706LLocking TSF Cap

Installation Tools & Parts

 111000M Entry Device for Locking Cap11600 TSF Installation Wrench

Part No.Description
111000MEntry Device for TSF & Locking Cap
11600Installation Wrench (Non Ratchet)
11601Socket Attachment – For TSF Only
11602Socket Attachment – TSF & X Fills
11604Cap Lock Wrench for Above & Underground Fittings
11703Flat Lock Washer for 11706/11706L Caps

SpeedFill and Time Saving Fill Product Sheet

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