Vent Caps

  • Available in threaded and slip-on designs.
  • Slip-On design solves clearance problems.
  • Zinc-plated cast iron, zinc-plated steel, zamak, and rust-proof aluminum.
  • Available sizes from ¾” to 4″.
  • Each cap includes a screen to prevent debris from entering the vent pipe.

Zinc-Plated Mushroom Vent Caps

This popular style is used in the majority of installations in the US, Alaska, and Canada. Rust-resistant zinc-plated cast iron design is available in threaded female NPT sizes from ¾” to 4″. Each cap is designed with a mesh screen, to prevent debris from entering the vent pipe.

Part No.Size/Description

Zinc-Plated Slip-On Vent Cap

Zinc-plated steel with screen. Lightweight and economical. Clamps to pipe with included set-screw.

Part No.Size

Zamak Slip-On Vent Cap

14008 Vent Cap

Our most economical design. Zamak zinc alloy won’t rust. Slip-on design only requires ~1/16″ pipe-to-wall clearance. Supplied with set screw and wire mesh screen. For iron pipe sizes from 3/4″ and 1″.

Part No.Size
14006¾” – 1″

Aluminum Slip-On Vent Cap

14009 Vent Cap

These caps are ideal for ‘close-to-wall’ Installations. Requires only ~1/8″ pipe-to-wall clearance. Rust proof cast aluminum design includes an integral screen. Cap is secured to pipe using a single set screw.

Part No.Size

Vent Caps, Duplex, and Double Tap Tank Fittings Product Sheet

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